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The Facts: Defend Artsakh & Armenia

Starting on the morning of September 27th, Azerbaijan in grave violations of International Humanitarian Law, once again broke the 1994 Ceasefire Agreement and launched an unprovoked, full scale, premediated and planned attack on Republic of Artsakh aka Nagorno-Karabakh using heavy artillery and aerial warfare. Azerbaijan, with help and financing from Turkey, is shelling civilian settlements mercilessly killing women and children and deploying Islamic fundamentalists from Northern Syria, to attack Armenia. By deliberately targeting civilians and civilian objects, by using indiscriminate and prohibited methods and means of warfare, Azerbaijan violated the rules of International Humanitarian Law. Azerbaijan is once again threatening regional security and stability. The outbreak of a full-scale war in the South Caucasus, could have unpredictable consequences-spilling beyond the borders of the region and threatening international security. Turkey is leading a proxy war to satisfy its imperial pan-Turkic aspiration and dive to dominate yet another region. Turkey is recruiting, paying and transporting terrorist fighters from Northern Syria to Azerbaijan. This is not only a war waged against Armenia and Artsakh, but a war against the entire civilized world. Artsakh is now fighting against international terrorism. This is no longer just about the security of the Armenian people, we are now defending international security. Azerbaijan and Turkey are assaulting the freedom, liberty, democracy, and the right to self-determination of the Armenian people. Under the pretense of Turkish-Azerbaijani military drills in the Nakhijevan enclave this summer, Turkey transported military personnel and equipment to Azerbaijan, including F-16 fighter jets, which were used on September 29 to shoot down jets in Republic of Armenia airspace. Led by one of the most dangerous dictators in the world, Azerbaijan in violation of freedom of speech, has denied entry to foreign journalists and heavily restricted media access to its own citizens. On October 1, Azerbaijan artillery struck civilian settlements in Armenia’s Gegharkunik and Kotayk provinces, coming very close to the capital of Yerevan-taking the war deep into Armenia proper.

Artsakh Republic: History and Current Reality

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